5 Unique Ways to Pray for Castle Rock


Hike The Castle Rock and pray for the different communities and businesses you see as you round The Rock.  Walk around the base of The Rock and pray for all the families, businesses, and ministries represented by what you see.  Climb to the top of The Rock and thank God that He is working in Castle Rock and has brought you here for this time and this community.

Take a downtown prayer walk.  Pray for each of the business owners, people meeting together and the lost people seeking community.  Pray for opportunities for churches to connect with the people in the community as servants.

Drive to all the Fire Stations in town and pray for each of the fire fighters and their families.  Pray for protection over them and for quick problem solving in urgent times.  Taking them doughnuts is also welcomed and appreciated.

Park at the Miller Activity Complex and hike The Incline, hike one of the many trails, let your kids play on the playground or go sit by the pond or fireplaces and pray for all those you see trying to relax, better themselves, and connect with each other.

Go get Coffee at Lost Coffee and pray for the person in front of you in line, pay for the person behind you in line and pray for him/her, and for the people behind the counter.  Pray for the people getting coffee and meeting together that their conversations will ultimately lead them to acknowledging their need for God. Then head over to The White Pavilion and pray for whoever is having an event or ice skating to know God more.