Private: Missions


Missions.  It really is as simple as this:  “Go and make disciples…” (Matthew 28:18-20)  All of us are commanded to do it and all of us can do it in the places that God has placed us… our families, our friends, our jobs, our hobbies, our kids’ activities… we should see every place we go as part of the “mission field” that God has given us.  We even enjoy the challenge of taking short-term missions trips together to learn more about who we’re partnering with and to see if God might call one or more of us into a deeper, more long-term commitment to missions.

Because, there are those in God’s Kingdom who are called to make Missions their entire vocation.  That special calling requires a special level of support.  And as Christians, we are privileged to share that calling by being the support they need.  Pathmakers Church sees the value of Missions at the professional level, beyond the short-term projects.  The earliest efforts of the Apostles included this degree of vocational commitment.   And we celebrate that ancient legacy in the form of our modern day missionaries and missions organizations.  But also, supporting the work of professional missionaries and missions organizations can encourage us to take our own personal mission work in our spheres of influence much more seriously.  And it gives us someone to talk to if we feel a deeper pull to missions in our own lives.

While Pathmakers Church is involved in many local outreaches, world missions, short-term projects and trips, and relief efforts, the following are a few missionaries we are particularly invested in.  Check out their ministries and if you feel moved to support them yourself, please do it!

Juan Carlos and Guisela Reyes, Nicaragua, Latin America 

Chad and Kendall Owens, Papua New Guinea, Asia Pacific

Dave and Amy Terpstra, Mozambique, Africa

In addition to our great long-term missionaries, we’ve also been fortunate and honored to partner with and support many organizations and relief efforts, including the following:

World Venture

Missions Door

World Vision

Douglas Elbert Task Force

Under The Same Sun

Voice of the Martyrs


Bless China International