5 Ways to Study Your Bible

Join a group Bible Study:

Whether it is a professionally written study or just meeting with fellow believers to read through the Bible, doing a group Bible study is one of the most popular ways of studying the Bible.  There are professionally written studies that can be found in any Christian book store that walk you through a specific Bible subject, getting you into the text and asking you thought provoking questions that will help you both better understand the Bible and grow your faith. Or just meeting regularly with fellow believers to read through scripture and discuss what it is saying and how it can apply to everyday life is another great way to better learn the Bible.


Memorize Scripture:

Memorizing scripture is a great way to better learn your Bible.  Memorizing verses allows you to not only see the wider context of scripture, but also allows you to have God’s word stored and ready for applying it to everyday situations.  Some suggestions for memorizing include writing a verse on an index card you can carry with you or writing a verse on your mirror with a dry erase marker. These allow you to see the verse throughout the day and continue practicing your memorization.


Read a Commentary:

If you’re looking for something a little more scholarly, picking up a Bible commentary to read side by side with your Bible might be a good idea.  Commentaries are books written by theologians and provide researched insight, usually including historical background information and references to other Biblical scholarship, on books of the Bible. They are great for providing additional breadth and deepening your understanding of the word when read in conjunction with scripture.


Take a walk:

If sitting down to read isn’t how you learn best, take your Bible on a walk using a Bible app.  Apps such as Bible Gateway and YouVersion allow you to listen to an audio version of the Bible for free.  It’s a great way to get away from your daily distractions and focus on God’s word as you also enjoy His creation. Plus you’ll get you exercise!


Journal your way through the Bible:

Reading scripture and journaling your thoughts, ideas, and impressions of the text as you go is a great way to get yourself to think more deeply about what you are reading. It can help you directly apply what you are learning to you own life and see how scripture relates to the world today. It also provides you with a resource that you can reference as you continue to grow and learn.