One of our leaders recently found out that our ministry partners in Nicaragua have an immediately pressing need.  The Bible teaches in 1 John 3, James 2, and Matthew 25 that we have a responsibility to help each other out, especially if one of us has a need and another has plenty to share.  From our very first days meeting in a small living room, Pathmakers Church has set aside a significant portion of our giving income to provide for special needs and opportunities that come up, whether here in the USA or all around the world.  But the need our ministry partners have is bigger than we can meet.  Which is why we’re asking you to help out, too, and to help us spread the word.

Here’s the story…

It’s hard for most of us to imagine a life without clean drinking water… because we can get clean water almost everywhere we go… home, work, school, the grocery store, the park, the gas station… when it comes to clean water, we don’t have to go farther than the sink in our own bathroom.

nicaraguahutBut for much of the developing world, this simply isn’t reality.  Even if water is readily available for crops and washing, it is often too contaminated to drink without making people sick.

Our partners at the “Finca Belen” in Nicaragua are facing the same problem.  And they need our help.  Fresh, clean water is available to them, but only if they can dig a deep artesian well to access safe, plentiful, and renewable sources of fresh water.

They need to dig deep.  And they need us to dig deep to make that possible.


If you can spare a few dollars or a few hundred dollars this season, you can help them reach their goal of $12,000 to build this life-giving and life-changing water supply.  Pathmakers Church is partnering with our friends at “Finca Belen” through the organization “Mission Door” to launch the “DIG DEEP” campaign!

You can donate right now by visiting www.youcandigdeep.com!

But please don’t stop with a financial gift!  You can “dig deep” by sharing this opportunity with your network of friends online.  Help us spread the word to everyone we know on Facebook, Twitter, and beyond.


Please invite your friends and family to check out www.youcandigdeep.com to learn more about this amazing opportunity.  And thank you for helping our friends at “Finca Belen” get clean fresh water by giving them the resources to “dig deep.”  By being willing to “dig deep” yourself and encouraging others to “dig deep,” too, you’re bringing life-giving water and life-changing opportunities.

Get profile pictures, donation links, and more information at www.youcandigdeep.com.  And don’t forget to spread the word!