I’m sure that there are many times that each of us can remember something that was said or done that made us evaluate our life in Christ or the way that we can come across to the people around us. Well, last week, I had one of those moments. It was a moment that made me really stop and think about the example I am to those I come into contact with and the impact that I really do make in the name of Christ… to be honest most of the time not in such great ways.

I was having a conversation with a coworker as we were overseeing a project for our company. It started off like any other conversation… small talk about the weather or whatever else was going on that day, and then the conversation turned to people. People in the sense of how they act or portray themselves in different situations. My coworker began talking about how she noticed different people’s actions and how it really bothered her that they had to put on a mask or some sort of a show. She went on to say how it is really hard for her to take those kinds of people seriously because she doesn’t know the real person. The next thing she said really hit me. Without hesitation, she looked me in the eye and commented “that’s why i don’t label myself a Christian, I believe in God and everything but I have seen too many Christians completely go against the Bible and still profess their faith, that I don’t associate myself with that anymore”.

I didn’t know what to say… all that was going through my mind at the time was “what kind of an example am I being? I never want people to not call themselves Christians because of the example that I an NOT being for Christ”

Unfortunately we got interrupted before I could say much more. But I did express to her that it hurt my heart that those who portray themselves as Christians don’t take it as seriously as they should and that it is something that I personally want to change peoples views about. No, I am not going to change the word… but I can change the views of those that I come into contact with.

My prayer is that we would all seek to be a better example of Christ and what he represents. Of course we all make mistakes, but it is the way that we handle those mistakes that make all the difference.

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