A big thank you to the entire Pathmakers family for supporting the Agape Ministry led by Sarah and Liza.  Here’s an encouraging message from Sarah about the Agape event for October 2013.  You can FEEL the joy.  If you’d like to help out with the next one, don’t hesitate to ask!  And now the update…

IMG_2380At the Castle Rock Motel some people were even waiting to help set up and it always feels incredible to treat them normally and just love on them! One lady was surprised that the clothes looked new, I said because this is not charity and we don’t just give what we don’t want, we are sharing what God gave us!!!! Really fun to see and hear their joy of finally having a new wardrobe or afraid to take too much, one lady even gave some stuff to us and switched it out.  We were even trying stuff on in the parking lot, like dress up!

It is so cool to see Beth and Joe’s daughter Anna’s heart to serve and love and care for others!!!! Seeing the Trenholm boys pack bags for people and all the kids who served running around with kids at the motel.

Jay the manager is always grateful to have us, he said people were talking about it and looking forward to us coming.  A lady couldn’t wait to eat her tomato, she ate it while she looked and said she grew up on a farm and it reminded her of summers there. also, she said I can’t remember the last time I saw “real meat” and fresh produce that I was going to eat!  One guy offered us some of their ribs as they sat outside and watched the Broncos game.

One of the older gentlemen are on their feet and bought a house in Florida (moving this week)! one guy was overwhelmed because he’s gotten 4 pairs of shoes total in a large size and he was so humbled, he wanted to wait until the end in case anyone needed them, no one else there where’s a size 14! he was so blessed, I told him he must have a shoe angel. he said it was more than he could hope for. another lady was afraid to take too many shirts and was shocked by the amount, she said who are these wonderful people who give so much?

Their hearts to share with each other is humbling.I have even asked at the end as we have almost everything handed out, if another family comes home, if they will share what they took and EVERY TIME THEY DO!!!! Without hesitation they share everything they have and everything they receive!

Every time it is a super special experience! I am floored, but not surprised.  – Sarah, Agape Ministry.

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