ver. 3 luke's gospelJoin us for a walk through Luke’s Gospel this season as we explore the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as compiled by the great doctor and historian, Luke the Evangelist.  The Gospel according to Luke is known for a special attention to detail, stories and parables not found in the other Gospels, and the unique perspective of a man who was not an Apostle chosen by Jesus.  In fact, Luke probably wasn’t even Jewish like the other New Testament authors and first converts in the early Church.

From December (2013) to May 2014, we’ll look at a different section of Luke each week and discover more about the great God/Man, Jesus of Nazareth.   Additionally, we’ll be led through these different sections by different speakers and, as a result, different perspectives and different conclusions.   But all of it will be about the same person, Jesus Christ.  Walk with us as we learn more about what it means to be “Following In His Footsteps.”

Listen to messages from the “Following In His Footsteps” series by clicking here.

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