If you made it to our gathering last night, I hope you were inspired by all those quotes from past Presidents of the USA regarding their faith and convictions, and that it gives you a greater appreciation for what we can celebrate, as Christ-followers, on Presidents’ Day.  Like I said, for all the bad decisions, mistakes, sins, and imperfections of our past presidents (hey, they were sinners, just like us!), it’s encouraging to recognize the deep, enduring, and life-long faith that so many of them possessed… and how their faith in Jesus Christ impacted their leadership, and consequently impacted our nation.  We are blessed in part because of who they were.

As I said in the message, here are some additional links to more content from past presidents and founders of our nation.  The first link is a handful of prayers by previous presidents.  The second link is a great article from Wallbuilders.  Both will inspire and encourage you.  Happy Presidents’ Day!  -Joe

Presidential Prayers

Founders’ Thoughts

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