We’re not a shy church family.  Sure, we don’t do a lot of area-wide promotion for our worship service and programs.  We don’t have a lot of signs out and about all weekend to try to convince you to stop by.  And we’re not constantly pounding the pavement with invitations to the next great sermon series that will (supposedly) change your life in eight weeks, fix your marriage in six weeks, increase your net worth through donations (they only need one week for that one…), and make God and everyone around you like you better (than they do right now, apparently).  Some might think we’re shy.  I think we just tend to be quieter than normal.  Maybe not.

But shy?  No, no, no.  We’re not shy… in this day and age, we can’t afford to be shy.  Especially on the subject of sexuality, marriage, and the related topics.  The world often holds a one-sided debate with itself about what’s right, what’s good, and what’s going to benefit individuals, couples, families, children, communities, and society in general.  And that’s bad.  Because often times, what the world says is VERY different from what God has revealed to us in Scripture.  For whatever reason, we’ve become comfortable talking about sex at work, at school, with friends, online, and everywhere else… but not so much when the Church gathers to worship.  And it’s not right.  We keep losing our marriages and our adolescent children to perspectives on these matters that aren’t right.  We know this because many of us lost ourselves… perhaps in part because of the uncomfortable silence on the subject that met us every Sunday morning when we worshiped with other Christ-followers who should have known better.  That has to stop.

So, on that note, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that we’ve invited our own Dr. Veronica Johnson to speak to us.  She specializes in therapy for individuals and couples contending with serious issues like sexuality, same-sex attraction, marriage, singleness, family, and any other related topics.  It’s a tough job that probably doesn’t make her a lot of friends in the industry, but that’s all the more reason that she should give us her take on Biblical Sexuality, Marriage, Being Single, and all the complex matters surrounding these all-important subjects.  Veronica’s educational background, therapy work, life experience, and growing relationship with the God who created and encouraged the right kind of sex, all combine to give her a unique perspective, appreciation, and authority on Biblical Sexuality.

I personally invited Veronica to speak to us on these subjects and enjoyed several conversations with her that reveal her approach to the issues, one that is a humble mixture of sobriety, levity, deep thoughtfulness, and a tender brokenness towards people who are struggling with these things and a desire to help.  And having worked with her in a panel format on a local radio program several times, I can tell you that she’s quick-witted and hilarious, with just enough willingness to follow the occasional bunny-trail, so her talks are going to be great… you will not get bored with her.

So, every Sunday in February belongs to Dr. Veronica Johnson at Pathmakers Church.  And I hope you’ll make the time to come, even if Pathmakers Church isn’t your church home.  It will be worth the few weeks to make sure your heart is in tuned with God’s heart on the issues of sexuality, marriage, singleness, and so much more.

*(Kids’ Program – We will open our kids’ program on Sundays to our 4th and 5th graders because of the subject matter.  Though, I grew up in a Christian home and I knew about a lot of this stuff by the time I hit 5th grade.  So, I’d recommend you keep your kids with you and take advantage of the opportunity to have a heart-felt conversation with your kids about this stuff at lunch… and clarify YOUR expectations with them for their behavior.  My parents did.  It helped.  Beth and I are already having age-appropriate conversations with our kids about this.  Except the 2 month old … I’m afraid he’ll spit up on me if I describe the process and he puts two and two together as it relates to his birth…

Yep… we’re Pathmakers Church.  And we talk about the big stuff.

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