iheartnicaraguaPathmakers Church has been invited to be a part of the ministry of Juan Carlos Reyes and his family in the Central American nation of Nicaragua.  And, of course, we said yes!  Double yes!  With extra yes sauce.  It’s a match made in Heaven (literally, figuratively, and spiritually) and we are so pumped to be a part of the exciting opportunities that God has planned for our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua!

Are you interested in joining us for a Vision Trip to Nicaragua September 26-30?  Then break out your Spanish/English dictionary and make sure you talk to Andy by the end of June and let him know.  The total for the trip will be less than $1250, and we’ll have more details to come.  But for now, check out this Youtube video below for more information on the folks we’re supporting in Nicaragua and the amazing ministry they’re doing in and among the people.  And while you’re at it, add Juan Carlos, his family, his church, and the people of Nicaragua to your prayers.  Financial support is important.  Acts of service are great.  But prayer is the most powerful tool God gives us.  Let’s pray for our partners in Nicaragua.  Because, well, we’re all in this Kingdom adventure together!

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