If you are at all like me, I am always looking to the next thing… always setting my sights on the future. But, today it got me thinking.

As wrapped up as I get in what the future holds, I have no control over it. I can plan and plan but ultimately Jesus is the one that lays out the path in front of me. The Bible says in Matthew 6:34 “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow. For tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough troubles of it’s own”. This particular verse has always spoken to me. It gives me a peace in the fact that I don’t have to have the world figured out… or even the next day. Jesus is carrying that for me.

Don’t get me wrong… this is something that I still struggle with. Being content in the moment is something that I work towards daily. Cherishing that hour after I get home from work before my husband gets home is hard to do, when I am anxiously awaiting him to walk through the door, but it gives me the opportunity to spend time with Jesus with no distractions. How great is that!

This week, I challenge and pray that you will find simple things to cherish when you are already waiting for the next thing. Lean on Him to give you the peace of knowing that He has your life in His hands.

– Hannah

Things to Ponder:

What am I cherishing now while waiting on Jesus’ plan?

How can I better wait on Him in all aspects of my life?

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