jesusweptokcbombingstatueWhat does the Bible say about tragedy? First the bad news… God warns us that there will be tragedy in our lives. But that’s not where His words on tragedy end… and that’s the good news. Follow along with Pathmakers Church teaching team leader, Joe Meverden, for a look at what Jesus had to say about how to handle tragedy. And reconsider the central claim of Christianity, how it is the result of the greatest tragedy that had ever been, and how God turned it into the greatest triumph that the world would ever know.

Click here for a link to the message audio or use the search term “Pathmakers” in the iTunes music store to get the message via Podcast.

They had been with Jesus. This is the truth He told them about tragedy. And it is a truth we desperately need in the tragic times we’re living in. It might just change your life. That’s  exactly what happens to people when they have been with Jesus.

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