original blockbuster. biblelight

You know what they say about movies, right?

“The movie was okay, but the book was way better…”

You’ve said it, too, when your favorite book was turned into a movie.  The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, The Hunger Games, The Hobbit, and the films from Jane Austin, Tom Clancy, or John Grisham’s old books… and they were still pretty good movies!  It’s true that films may be more accessible at times, but if you’ve read the book, no movie will ever do the story justice.

Now, 2014 is being hailed by journalists and Hollywood-industry types as “the year of Bible movies.”  From films like the Son of God, Noah, The Exodus, and even some recent indie films about Daniel, Queen Esther, Ruth, and the Apostle Peter, it’s clear that interest in these ancient stories is high.

But I gotta tell you… the movies might be good… but The Book is way better!

So, instead of a night out at the theater, join us for a morning out at Pathmakers Church each Sunday as we explore some of the greatest stories ever told in “The Original Blockbuster.”  All summer long, we’ll adventure through a new Bible story each week and, just like a good book or great movie, come away with something that will help us better handle our own personal adventures in life.

Bring a friend!  The messages are free, the coffee is free… even the popcorn will be free (yes, popcorn!).

10:10am, Sundays, Summer 2014

Pathmakers Church
Meeting at South Ridge
1100 South Street
Castle Rock, CO 80104