It’s almost like God really enjoys defying everyone’s expectations.  Perhaps this is most evident in the Son of God, Himself, Jesus… fully God, fully man, and completely original.  And among the many ways Jesus defied expectation is this little fact… instead of “being everywhere” like he could have been, Jesus chose one large town in the northern part of ancient Israel to be his base of operations.  That place was called Capernaum.  It wasn’t a famous place with a storied history steeped in ancient tradition or Biblical symbolism.  It wasn’t Jerusalem, Shechem, Jericho, Hebron, or even Bethlehem… but it was a place filled with what was most important to Jesus… people.  And what Jesus said and did among the people of Capernaum fills the pages of the Gospels with hope for the whole world.

Join us for “The Town of Jesus,” a series of messages this winter 2015 meant to inspire and encourage us… and, most of all, to help us see our town the way Jesus saw His town… and hopefully, make us love our neighbors the way Jesus loved His neighbors.  Because Jesus didn’t just teach His followers to love their neighbors… Jesus had actual neighbors, too… and He loved them… really well.

Sundays.  Worship begins at 10:10am.  Everyone is welcome.  Including your neighbors.

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