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I’m excited about the next message series, one that will probably span several months.  We will look at some of the greatest stories in the Bible and meet a variety of people in circumstances facing challenges of all kinds… and looking at God’s involvement in all of them.  By the end of the series, I think you’ll have a unique knowledge of the Bible, the stories in the Bible, and how those stories come together to form and inform our convictions and beliefs about who God is and the kind of life He invites us into for our good and for His praise.

bibletornSometimes, it will be inspiring.  Sometimes, it will be practical.  Sometimes, it will simply be interesting.  But each message will give you something important:  knowledge about a Bible story that you can use in your life experiences and relationships.  Just about anyone in any situation will get something out this… maybe new information, refreshing review, or revised perspective on these great stories.

You might think you know a lot about the Bible.  You might think you know almost nothing about the Bible.  Chances are, you’re somewhere in between.  No matter where you are in your understanding of this seemingly-complex, sacred text we call “The Bible,” you’re going to know more at the end of this series.  Whether you experience transformation will be between you and God.  But, at the very least, this is going to be entertaining and enlightening.  That’s not really my goal, but it’s a natural result of telling really, really, really good stories.  And the Bible is FULL of really good stories.

I hope you’ll be there!  The series starts the first Sunday in June.  And because of the “story-telling” nature of the series, just about anyone you know will enjoy it, whether they experience spiritual change or not, whether they believe the stories are true or not.  So, I hope you’ll invite someone (or several someones) to experience some good music, good stories, good refreshments, and maybe even make some new friends… maybe even good friends!  🙂


P.S.  If you think you don’t know very much about the Bible, just plan to come to the message series.  If you think you already know a lot about the Bible, take this test posted by another pastor.  If you don’t know some of the answers, send me a note; I’m glad to point you in the right direction.  And if it makes you feel better, even I got a few questions wrong because I couldn’t remember… so, don’t be discouraged, just keep studying!  http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/kevindeyoung/2014/05/15/100-bible-knowledge-questions/


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