old-bible-wornIn September/October 2014, we’re going to spend some time in one of the most popular, yet most mysterious, letters the Apostle Paul ever wrote… Ephesians.  Known as “The Epistle To The Ephesians,” this book of the New Testament is referred to as the “Queen” of the Apostle Paul’s writings.  It’s popularity is due in part because it is a beautiful example of inspiring theology (almost poetic) in the first few chapters… followed by a few chapters of practical (and timeless) application of how to live the Christian life as an individual and in relationship to others.  It’s the best of both worlds in one, single letter.  The famous “Full Armor of God” comes from Ephesians, as does the Reformation Anthem of “salvation by grace through faith.”  Even some less popular (in our culture), but almost equally famous verses come from Ephesians.  It is the rough equivalent of “What The Apostle Paul Thought Every Christ-Follower Should Know.”

But there’s also some mystery to Ephesians… there are some questions about whether or not Paul wrote it… and whether or not he actually wrote it to the church in Ephesus… that maybe it’s actually the famous “lost letter of Paul” (as described in another of Paul’s letters)… and that it might actually be the expanded version of another, shorter letter that Paul wrote.

We’ll spend several weeks looking at the wonder (and a few of the mysteries) of “Ephesians” and invite God to renew our minds and change our hearts and draw us closer to Jesus… just like this beautiful New Testament masterpiece has done from the very beginning.  Don’t miss out, Sunday mornings, this Fall 2014, starting September 7th at 10:10am at South Ridge Elementary School in Castle Rock (1100 South Street, Castle Rock, Colorado, 80104).