pathmakerschurchThat line we use “It’s Church, but Different” is not a clever catch phrase.  Frankly, it’s not all that catchy and it definitely isn’t clever.  All it is is simple truth from a simple church that simply wants to be the kind of gathering of Christ-followers that… well… Jesus Christ intended us to be.  Don’t worry, we’re not some weird cult that thinks we’ve uncovered some secret, lost, or exclusive truth that other Christians don’t have or don’t have access to (in fact, run far and fast from anyone who tries to tell you they do).  Honestly, we could be wrong about plenty of things.  But we are trying.  More importantly, we’re willing to try.  And most of all, we really are trying to be different.  Check out the PATHS links and you’ll see what we mean.  And then come visit us for a few Sundays… and you’ll really get the sense that this little church called Pathmakers is on to something… something big!

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