If you’re a regular at Pathmakers, you probably already know about “Reset Sundays” and how it all works. If you’re new to Pathmakers, you probably have NO IDEA what we’re talking about. Allow me to explain…

About three times a year, we have what we call “Reset Sundays.” On Reset Sundays, we cancel our main worship gathering and anything related to it. That’s it. We close up shop, let all our leaders off the hook (no planning, no preparing, no delegating, no last minute cancellations to worry about…), and encourage our regulars to do whatever else they want to do. Maybe sleep in? Maybe go camping? Maybe spend the weekend with family or friends? Maybe visit another church? Maybe go out to brunch? Maybe do nothing at all?

stopNresetIf you grew up in the church, it probably feels weird to read about a church that intentionally cancels the worship service and encourages the people to do whatever they want to do (including visiting another church…? are you crazy???). But here’s the thing… too many people are under the impression that the only place to worship God is at a church service on a Sunday morning. And that couldn’t be further from the truth. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you’re either choosing to worship God or you are not. The way you do your work, the way you treat your friends, the way you entertain yourself, the way you spend your money, the songs you sing with the radio, the words you say, the thoughts you think, the actions you take… all of it… every breath, it is either comes out as worship to God or it comes out as worship to something else.

Reset Sundays are a great time to remember that and to practice it a little more carefully. Maybe you’ll take a friend out to breakfast, someone who doesn’t know Jesus, and pray for an opportunity to talk about your faith during the meal (don’t be surprised if it happens… they’ll WANT to know why you’re hanging out with them on a Sunday morning instead of your usual hang out at church… it’s a good conversation starter). Or maybe while you’re out camping, take some time and share your favorite passage from the Bible with your crew. Or maybe you sleep in and instead of getting out of bed right away, you reach over for your Bible and spend some extra time telling God how grateful you are that He gave you this life.

See, these are all things you can do… well… pretty much whenever and wherever you are. You can talk about your faith over any meal. You can share a favorite section of the Bible in any gathering. And you can always take a little more time with God before you start your day. Reset Sundays help us remember that. Our faith isn’t once a week in the morning. Our relationship with God is happening all the time.

So, enjoy your break as you join the rest of us at Pathmakers Church by hitting that RESET button with gusto! And may you see God at work in some unexpected ways this weekend as you invite Him to show you what it means to truly “reset”!

-Joe, Pathmakers

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