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The story of Jonah, found in the Hebrew Old Testament, is among the most debated passages of Scripture in the entire Bible.  Some scholars argue it is purely allegorical, maybe a didactic fable or nursery rhyme for children, or, at best, an embellished narrative about a prophet who lived in ancient Israel but never did any of the things described in the story.  But a historical account…?  That’s crazy, right?  Who on earth would believe the story of Jonah to be a real record of what actually happened?  Interestingly enough, Jesus talked about the story of Jonah like it actually happened.  And because of that endorsement, the story of Jonah is particularly powerful with lessons that are especially relevant to anyone who has ever given thought to what it might mean to truly and completely obey God and His Calling in your life.

In this short series, Joe will examine the elements of the story of Jonah, the relevant historical record, and the implications of the lessons found in this often disbelieved and more often misunderstood writing with a “cinematic-twist” ending.  Because the story of Jonah is about far more than an enemy needing an ultimatum, a prophet running from God, and a giant sea monster with a craving for sailors.  It’s about exactly what’s going to happen when God gives you instructions, sets His expectations for you, and sends you off to do His work… the story of Jonah is the story of what happens when God calls you!

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