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The Bible isn’t the only place you can find out about what Jesus did, how He died, and the almost-over-night-explosion of people claiming to have seen Jesus resurrected from the dead.  It’s true!   A handful of contemporary sources cite both the Man and the Movement that worshiped him as God and spread the Good News about Jesus Christ all over the world.

Wait… you didn’t know that?  You didn’t know there were sources OTHER than the Bible that tell the story of Easter?  You didn’t know there are ancient records, both neutral and hostile toward Jesus, that confirm the Biblical stories?  Don’t feel bad.  Most people don’t, either.

Maybe you’d better join us for a special gathering on Easter Sunday and see what other surprises the Easter Bunny might leave in your basket this year.  And bring the kids for their own special Easter Egg Hunt, too!

April 20, 2014
@ 10:10am

Free coffee thanks to Lost Coffee
Free pastries thanks to Wellspring, Castle Rock.

Pathmakers Church
Meeting at South Ridge
1100 South Street
Castle Rock, CO 80104

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